An IPv6 Enabled NTP Client for Windows in Python

Python NTP library (ntplib) offers a simple interface to query NTP servers from Python. But it does not support IPv6 NTP servers. I wrote a patch for ntplib to support IPv6 connections. You can download the patch file here and the patched library here.

The code bellow is a simple IPv6 enabled NTP client ( in Python for Windows, using the patched ntplib. It doesn't (and won't) support Linux because the official NTP release offers IPv6 support on that platform.

#!/usr/bin/env python
# - set the date and time via NTP
# An IPv6 enabled ntp client, for Windows ONLY.

import ntplib, time
from os import system
from sys import argv

def usage():
  print '''Usage:  [-qh] server
Example:      # IPv4     # IPv6

  -q     Query only - don't set the clock.
  -h     Print this message.

IPv6 NTP Server List:               [2001:888:1031::2]               [2001:608:0:dff::2]          [2001:da8:202:10::60]    [2001:638:500:717:2e0:4bff:fe04:bc5f]                [2001:1291:2::b]             [2001:808::66]             [2001:1291:2::b]           [2001:638:208:9::116]      [2001:638:902:1::10]               [2001:5c0:0:2::25]                  [2001:7b8:3:2c::123]

Report bugs to'''

def main():
  ntp_svr = ''
  query = False

  for a in argv[1:]:
    if a == '-q':
      query = True
    elif a == '-h':
      ntp_svr = a
  if ntp_svr == '':

  c = ntplib.NTPClient()
  res = c.request(ntp_svr, version=3)
  t_epoch = res.offset + res.delay + time.time()
  t = time.localtime(t_epoch)
  centi_sec = t_epoch%1 * 100
  time_str = time.strftime('%H:%M:%S', t)
  if not query:
    system('time %s.%2.0f' % (time_str, centi_sec))
    date_str = time.strftime('%Y-%m-%d', t)
    system('date %s' % date_str)
  if query:
    print 'server %s, stratum %d, offset %f, delay %f' % (
           ntp_svr, res.stratum, res.offset, res.delay)
  print '%s %s time server %s offset %f sec' % (
         time.strftime('%d %b', t), time_str, ntp_svr, res.offset)

if __name__ == '__main__':

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